Candidate Headlines: 1.)Get people to take action on the first page 2.) Focus the attention where you want it 3.) Connect by design 4.) Get more people to fill out your forms 5.)

Sub-title candidates: 1.) Landing pages to bring people onboard 2.)Engaging landing pages to get people onboard 3.) Communicate your mission and engage your audience to make a difference

Promoter Motor – The First Fully Automated Platform for Free Advertising from Google for your 501(c)(3

To do: Gather data to create info-graphic – estimated effectiveness of engagement of landing pages

Drawbacks of competition or “old way of promoting a page “. Don’t trust this to your overworked office staff. Every visitor that you don’t engage with is a huge loss.

Process and benefits or “the new way of promoting a page”

Use categories and comparisons.

Use case 1 (quotes from idGrants and customer testimonials)

Use case 2

Use case 3