Promoter Motor will help you with:

Google Ad Grant Application

Keyword Research

Monthly Report

S(ROI) Analysis

Technology Configuration

Ad Copy Writing

SEO/SEM Consulting

Webpage Consulting

Newsletter Analysis

Sponsorship Consulting

Compliance Handling

Why Promoter Motor?

We have a 100% success rate getting ad grants activated, reactivated, and maintained in active status.

  • We Employ Certified Google Ads Specialists. Our specialists are certified by Google, taking training once a year to stay on top of the advertising game. Our expertise with Google Analytics ensures we understand the process of maintaining the ads.
  • We work exclusively with nonprofits and know what it takes to get that much-desired “first page placement” on Google. We write ads to encourage potential clients to get involved.
  • You save many hours every week on ad writing and account maintenance. Our specialists handle the hundreds of steps needed to start using Google Ads, as well as the analytics for your monthly reporting.
  • We know the relevance of Keywords is Vital to utilize the grant well. We understand Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and how to choose the best keywords for your ad campaigns.

Promoter Motor GUARANTEES your Google Ad Grant application will be successful or your money back*. If the application is unsuccessful, your contract will end with no additional commitment.

What We Can Measure = Conversions


Increase online donations


Educate more people about your organization

Newsletter Sign-ups

Generate email subscriptions

What is conversion tracking? Conversion tracking is a free tool provided by Google Analytics that shows you what user actions happen during your ad campaign. The conversion categories include signups, donations, page views, etc. Conversions can be broken down into subcategories – one-time, recurring, and over the phone donations – to name a few.

Why is conversion tracking important? Conversion tracking provides data that can be used for decision making, such as future campaigns, website content, and budget allocation. Using conversion tracking, we are able to improve marketing decisions by comparing and tracking ad performance over time, ultimately increasing the ability to reach your goals.

We use conversion tracking to ensure your ads continue to appear on Google Search results. We help you minimize cases where Google cannot identify the exact sources of direct traffic, by using Google’s tools to tag all your marketing campaigns with custom campaign variables.

Case Study

Once the Ad Grant account is up and running, nonprofits can expect increased traffic to their website, new interest in their cause, and increased visibility on Google. In our case study, the results – shown below – are based on a one-year report.

  • Number of Impressions: a count of each instance of your ad showing on a search result page
  • Clicks: a count of each click on your ads
  • Conversions: a count of of conversions received after an ad interaction, including home page views, donations, mailing list sign ups, contact us and subscription form submissions
  • Cost: the sum of credits for ad spending drawn down from the budget $10,000 per month for the year

Here, our client had a high number of clicks and conversions based on our ads. You’ll know the value to your organization in terms of outcomes and not just displays and clicks. We ensure you get the most out of your grant for the greatest return.

Customer Testimonials

I can tell you that website traffic has increased by 119%, and we are setting record numbers for volunteer recruitment. Thanks to you and some of our additional promotions, we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made online & in the media.

Child Advocates

The Ad Grants for Nonprofits sponsorship program increased my online visitors by more than 3,000 new visitors in the first three months.

Couseling In Schools

We were thrilled with the professionalism in helping us secure our Google Ad Grant and their expertise with setting up our Google Adwords campaigns. We could not have done this without them.


Timeline of the Steps in the Promoter Motor Service

Optional: We can suggest ideas for changing your website to get the most out of our advertising.