How to Gain Tips, Subscribers, Donors, and More from Google Ad Grants

Do you work at a nonprofit that struggles to reach its engagement goals given limited resources?

Is your staff stretched thin?

Is it too expensive or time-consuming to hire or train people who specialize in acquiring marketing grants?

To help alleviate the pressure and constraints that nonprofit organizations face, Bashpole Software has developed Promoter Motor, the focus of the webinar below.

Promoter Motor offers ad agency services for nonprofits all over the country. It utilizes its expertise in software development and the Google Ad Grants program to help aid nonprofit clients through the process of obtaining and sustaining advertising funding. With several years of working with the Ad Grants program, Promoter Motor has developed valuable processes that streamline results. Don’t waste the time, resources, and training on unguaranteed strategies.

We are here to help.

Watch this educational video below to learn how to place ads on Google for free, forever!