Timing Can Be More Effective Than Targeting: Google’s Underappreciated Advantage

Many of us have that date marked on our calendar- that gala, 5k, or golfing event that drives crucial fundraising dollars every year. We know what it’s like to start stressing about everything that planning a huge annual event entails from the vendors involved to the food served. Fundraising events are difficult to pull off, […]

How to Create a Website that Increases Your Chances of Getting Approved for the Google Ad Grant

Was your Google Ad Grant application rejected? Are you afraid to even start the process because you’ve been warned by fellow non-profit leaders that rejection is common, even after all of your hard work? You’re not alone. Non-profits come to us regularly with Google’s rejection letter indicating that something they did caused them to get […]

How to Greatly Increase Newsletter Sign-Up Rates

Over the years, we have had countless non-profits express that one of their main goals is to increase their number of newsletter recipients. They have found newsletters to be an efficient method to share their story and mission with potential donors over a period of time, and this often drives many of these recipients to […]

Three Benefits to Switching from HTTP to HTTPS for Use with the Google Ad Grant

In July 2018, Google set out to make secure websites a standard, implementing a strategy that causes websites operating without a security certificate to be determined “non-secure” and as a result, face lower listings on Google searches. **The S in HTTPS means Secure, a security certificate is what enables it, and this is required for […]

Common Questions About The Eligible Learning Stage

What is Google’s “eligible learning” phase, and how is it impacting your Google Ads account performance? It is not unusual to put hours into your Google Ads account, and still fail to meet your desired number of clicks and impressions. Google Ads is a well-balanced machine, and many aspects of it could be attributing to […]

Google Ads Breakdown – Part by Part

Creating a Google campaign requires an active creative strategy in both the details and the overall picture. Considering that many organizations only have one person managing their entire Google Ads account, the task at hand can be incredibly daunting. Both rookies and veterans of the Google Ad game have been impacted by recent changes to […]