Common Questions About The Eligible Learning Stage

What is Google’s “eligible learning” phase, and how is it impacting your Google Ads account performance?

It is not unusual to put hours into your Google Ads account, and still fail to meet your desired number of clicks and impressions. Google Ads is a well-balanced machine, and many aspects of it could be attributing to your under performing account. However, in some cases the only factor causing your number to be lower than desired is time.

Many agree that it takes a Google account three-four months to show the actual potential of a new campaign. This is because for the first few months of a campaign’s life it is in what is called an “eligible learning” phase.

How Do I Know if I’m in the Eligible Learning Stage?

You can determine whether or not your campaign is in this stage by clicking on the campaign and looking at the top corner. A mature campaign that has been running for a while will say “eligible” at the top. If it says “eligible learning”  you can decipher, that your account is still in this stage, and your account performance may be inhibited by this.

How Long Will I Be in the Eligible Learning Stage?

This can differ by account, but for most, this phase typically lasts about three months. In many cases, a real person at Google is monitoring your account, not just a computer. Because of this, the process can take longer than anticipated, particularly if there are a lot of accounts currently in this stage.

What is Google Looking For?

Google’s search model is based around relevance. Their goal is to show only the most relevant ads for every search. Because of this, they will be considering the following:

  • Are people clicking on your ad when it shows under particular searches triggered by the keywords you’ve added?
  • Are people staying on your site for a few minutes when they click your ad, or are they immediately leaving?
  • Are any predetermined conversions taking place when people view and click on your ads? (calls from the ads, donations, main page views, newsletter signups, etc.?)

I’ve had My Account For Years, Why Am I Still In This Phase?

It is important to note that every new campaign enters this phase, no matter how long you’ve had your account. Any time you add a new campaign, Google monitors every new keyword, ad, and ad group associated with it, determining how well it performs in each search.

What if I am No Longer in this Stage, but My Account Is Still Not Performing?

If your campaigns are no longer in the learning phase, but you are still not showing up in the desired searches, then your account probably did not show relevance in the particular searches. There could be a number of reasons for this from your landing page experience, to your overall campaign design.

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