Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are Google Ad Grants worth it?
A When managed properly, yes. We understand the challenges that come with using Google Ads. Our service eliminates those challenges to ensure the greatest social return on investment (SROI).

Q Can we change our conversion goals later on in the service if we want?
A We provide a flexible service because our ultimate goal is to expand the reach of nonprofit organizations and the amount of good they can do. However, it is in your organization’s best interest not to change goals often. It takes a few months for a Google Ad campaign to ramp up into maturity, since Google displays successful ads more and more often in a snowball effect.

Q How do you make the Google Ad Grant process easier for nonprofits?
A We have a dedicated team that tracks our Google Ad client accounts and makes adjustments as necessary. We are also developing software that will adapt to the frequent and unpredictable changes that Google makes to their algorithm and will use it to fine tune your Google Ads account, as well.

Q How do you use the information we share?
A Bashpole Software, Inc. uses your information to create the best advertising that resonates with your cause and mission. We also merge your data with data collected from other nonprofits  to identify trends and gaps that can be resolved by technology.

Q How long have you been doing this? What experience do you have?
A We’ve been doing this for over 5 years. Our knowledge and success come from serving nonprofits exclusively. Nonprofits and for-profits have entirely separate goals, ways of running advertising campaigns, and measuring return on investment, thus making their successful use of Google Ads very different. We have years of experience accomplishing nonprofits’ goals. We’ve worked with dozens of organizations.

Q How many ads will you create for us?
A Since the keys to optimal  use of Google Ad Grants is volume, trial, and error, we create a variety of ads. We can’t, therefore, fix the number of ads per month. The amount of work required on each account is unpredictable from month to month. For example, sometimes Google Ads reviewers will flag ads that should not have been requiring a lot of interaction with customer service on our part. We will track, document and resolve any issues that arise with your account. At the same time, we will create as many ads as possible to optimize your organization’s reach.

Q How will COVID-19 impact my ad campaign? 
A Right now is actually a great time to advertise. A lot of nonprofits are minimizing their operations because of the pandemic, so there is less competition for people’s attention. Meanwhile, people are spending a lot more time online. As people are browsing the web, they will see your Google Ads and be more likely to engage with your nonprofit.

Q How will we track your success or see whether our investment in you is worthwhile?
A We will provide a monthly report listing impressions, click-through actions, and successful conversions. We are happy to meet with you when you wish to discuss progress and results.

Q Ours is a niche cause that is hard to market. We’ve seen exposure in the past that didn’t translate into financial support or concrete action. How can Google Ad Grants help us?
A The good news is that, thanks to the proven technology behind Google’s text ads, your ads will appear when your mission is top-of-mind for the searcher. You will reach people who are actively looking for information or resources related to what your organization does.

Q Who do I contact?
A You can send an email to Ben,