Get More Donations by Phone

Your nonprofit will appear in Google searches, increasing the chances of phone donation

Potential donors who were unsure how to reach your nonprofit are now aware of its presence

Non tech-savvy donors now have an alternative way to donate to their favorite organization


Your nonprofit doesn’t have a variety of options that allow people to show their support or donate.

You need a solution that allows a simpler and more conventional way to donate for people who do not know how to navigate websites.

How we can help

Our platform allows a number of ways for potential donor to make donations, including telephone donations.

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for your organization to receive support from those who wish to donate. Even for those who are more comfortable with a phone than with a keyboard.
  • By adding a telephone extension to your Google Ads, clients can call in and donate over the phone.
  • Utilization of this feature increases the number of ways people can interact with your organization, thus essentially increasing the chance of receiving a donation.
  • Additionally, we can create conversion tags to track the number of calls your company is receiving.