Get More In-Kind Donations

Attract Target Audience

Increase Involvement

Achieve Your Mission


Your organization is relying on cash donations, but you haven’t tried in-kind donation, a method commonly used by nonprofits to gain financial support.

How we can help

We want to ensure you make good use of Google Ad Grants and will explore various donation channels.

  • We will help you advertise various forms of in-kind donations including but not limited to donating goods, property, and free professional services.
  • We will track, document, and resolve any issues that arise with your Google Ads account. Meanwhile, we will create as many ads as possible to optimize your organization’s reach.
  • We will track your campaign performance with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to ensure your ads get that much-desired ‘first-page placement’ on Google Search. We understand Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and will choose the best keywords for your ad campaigns.
  • We will send you customized recommendations for how to ask for donations and how to improve your donation landing pages. We have years of experience helping nonprofits gain more donations.