Get More Newsletter Subscribers for your Non-profit

Promoter Motor – The First Fully Automated Platform for Free Advertising from Google for your 501(c)(3).

The financial safety of your organization is bolstered by driving potential donors to subscribe to your newsletters. Donors, supporters, event attendees, potential volunteers will develop a relationship with your organization through informed articles and updates regarding your work. Our expertly tuned advertising system will bring these individuals straight to your newsletter.

Social and traditional media do not reach as many people as they use to. Your in-house staff is already stretched thin, interns don’t have the expertise, and outsourcing to non-specialists in Google Ads for Nonprofits is not cost effective.

We’ve refined our process for enticing people to subscribe to non-profit newsletters over many years for many causes. First, we meet with you to establish your goals and target audience. Then, we take care of the hundreds of steps of application and tech set-up for you. We write the ads for you and tune the ad campaigns over time. You receive continuous ad management, monthly progress reports to show results, and customer service at anytime to discuss adjustments for your goals.

Geographically and Demographically Targeted Ads will drive donors, volunteers, constituents and event attendees to pages on your website where they can sign up for your newsletter. Our ads increase the number of new subscribers you will receive each day and week while saving you money. With our special program your ads will run without having to pay for the clicks.

“We increased our newsletter subscription rate by more than 300% within the first three months of the Ad Grants for Nonprofits Program.” ~ The Dixie Sternwheeler

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