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Many nonprofits are receiving fewer donations because investors and donors are concerned about the quality of work that the nonprofits can perform if all services are virtual. Meanwhile, nonprofits are not reaching target donors with their outreach efforts.

How we can help

Our knowledge and success of getting donations come from serving nonprofits exclusively. Nonprofits and for-profits have entirely separate goals and ways of running advertising campaigns, so strategies for Google ads are very different for nonprofits. We have years of experience helping nonprofits accomplishing fundraising goals.

We employ certified Google Ads Specialists who are experienced with Google Analytics and understand the process of maintaining and writing the ads. By having a variety of ads, it increases the number of clicks so Google will display your Ads frequently, thus attracting more donors. Here are a few suggestions we have after interviewing over 350 nonprofit leaders to help you create a successful campaign:

1. Tell a story

People love a good story. Creating engaging and relatable content is a surefire way to draw supporters to your cause. Narrate the journey of one impact client in an inspiring way, and people will line up to make that transformation go further.

2. Report on the impact of donations

If you want people to give you their hard-earned money, you’ve got to show them that it will make a difference. Let people know exactly what their donation will do – whether it’s buying school supplies for one student, feeding a family for a week, or building materials for renovating a community center. After your campaign is over and the money has been put to use, give an update on how the project went. Show your donors what they accomplished and make a long-term connection with them.

3. Use social proof

Social proof is the “everyone is doing it” mentality. When people see those around them contributing to a cause, it makes them think that it’s the right thing to do. You can take advantage of social proof by boosting your followers, letting people publish to Facebook or Twitter when they make a donation, and sharing testimonials of donors.

4. Make online donations easy

The smoother your interface, the easier it is for people to donate. You don’t want potential supporters to get frustrated halfway through because your donation process is tedious. Make giving convenient by setting suggested giving levels. The fewer clicks, the better.

5. Say thank you

If you want donors to come back again and again, show your appreciation again and again too. You can give shout-outs on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Send individual letters and emails, and give updates on the campaign’s success. Make donors feel like a part of the team.