Get More People to Call into Your Telethon

Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Increase Community Engagement

Boost the Number of Calls


Your nonprofit is organizing a telethon fundraiser to raise awareness and increase donations to your cause. Unfortunately, the telethon is not getting recognition or buzz. You desire a solution to reap the benefits of the time spent planning and running the telethon.

How we can help

Take your advertising to another level with us. Our Google Ad specialists will help make your telethon a success.

  • Our goal is to ensure your telethon will achieve its highest potential. Our Google Ads specialists will help you write ads to reach your target audience.
  • After your ads are up and running, we will utilize Google Analytics to track the progress of the ads and make any changes necessary to keep your conversion goals on track.
  • From our hundreds of ad templates, your ads will be displayed on top of Google search results, increasing the number of people viewing your nonprofit and telethon information.
  • When the ads are up and running, visitors can turn into supporters and donors because they will be enlightened by your mission and their impact.