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Only a few people are contacting your organization even though you have provided all sorts of contact information.

How we can help

Besides putting your contact information on your website, Promoter Motor helps you to seize the opportunity Google Ad Grant provides to display your ads on Google.

  • We help you advertise your contact information, no matter it is phone number, email address, or contact form, etc. Your potential clients can easily call-in or email you when your ads are on the first page Google pops up.
  • Our specialist handles 400+ steps of applying for Google Ad Grant and hundreds of steps to start using Google Ads.
  • We are experts with Google Analytics, and we prepared monthly reports for you. We have significant expertise and knowledge about setting up tag configurations, trigger configurations, and conversion linking with Google Ads.
  • Our knowledge and success come from serving nonprofits exclusively. Nonprofits and for-profit corporations have entirely separate goals and ways of running advertising campaigns, so strategies for Google ads are very different for nonprofits. We have years of experience accomplishing nonprofits’ goals.