Get More Recurring Donations

The First Fully Automated Platform for Free Advertising from Google for your 501(c)(3).

Ads tend to drive donations in one of two ways: 1.) Some people will start donating right away. 2.) Others will subscribe to your newsletter or social media and begin donating after you have established a digital rapport.

Don’t let pandemics or natural disasters slow your fundraising efforts down.

By using advertising to promote your website, and fundraising campaigns, you can still drive efforts and all donations can be made completely online.

These donations can be measured by tracking both conversion actions from your fundraising ads and used to develop a social return on your advertising investment.

“During this time where COVID 19 has been the central topic, we have been very successful in our fundraising for the Philippines, and S. Africa.  On Giving Tuesday, we far surpassed our goal for Afghanistan, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, and Sierra Leone.” Nancy Rivard, Executive Director – Airline Ambassadors International

Our advertising services can drive both one-time donations and recurring donations.

Our ads can also drive crowdfunding campaigns, auctions, and ticket sales.