How to Create a Website that Increases Your Chances of Getting Approved for the Google Ad Grant

Was your Google Ad Grant application rejected? Are you afraid to even start the process because you’ve been warned by fellow non-profit leaders that rejection is common, even after all of your hard work?

You’re not alone. Non-profits come to us regularly with Google’s rejection letter indicating that something they did caused them to get denied, but these emails never quite explain why. In many cases, their website is not up to Google’s strict standards, and therefore, they were not approved for the Google Ad Grant.

The Google Ad Grant rejection email will look similar to this:

This email, like so many other aspects of the requirements to be approved for the Google Ad Grant, is incredibly vague. It is only after years of experience that we have come to discover that the reason your account was denied the Google Ad Grant was likely because of one of the following issues:

1. Ad Grants Require Secure Websites

If your website is not secured (meaning it uses HTTP rather than HTTPS), Google will likely look no further before denying your request and sending that vague email as seen above. If you have not yet purchased an SSL certificate, and your application was denied because “your website cannot be approved in its current state” you will likely not be approved until his certificate is purchased and your website it secure. To learn more about this strict requirement, as well as the overall benefits of securing your website, check out blog about HTTPS Here.

2. Ad Grants Are Not Meant to Support Political or Religious Bias

If your website is secured, then the next aspect to consider is your content. Google is determined to remain as unbiased as possible, and therefore, they are hesitant to provide free advertising to any non-profit that seems discriminatory. It is important to note that Google will not reject your organization just because it is faith or politically based, however, if your organization does not serve people outside of your religious or political beliefs, Google will likely view this as discriminatory and therefore will not accept your application. 

If you are a faith or politically based organization, but you are open to serving people outside of your beliefs with no intentions of conversion, then it is important that your content and language makes this clear in every single page of your website. We even recommend clearly stating on a homepage that you will neither discriminate against anyone who seeks your service nor push them to convert to your ways.

3. Ad Grants Are Exclusively for Non-Profits

While Google will consider your content as an indicator of whether or not to approve your organization for the Google Ad Grant, it is important to remember that real people are viewing your website and making this decision, not machines. These people have hundreds of websites to look at every day, so they are not spending a significant amount of time searching your website to find what they need in order to approve your for the Google Ad Grant. Because of this, you need to tell them what they need to know as clearly as you can. We recommend posting your 501(c)(3) status on every page. In every footer indicate that you are a  501(c)(3) Non-profit. Also indicate this on your About page and your donation page. This will hand Google what they are looking for, so that they don’t deny your account for lack of knowing that you are eligible. 

Applying for a Google Ad Grant can be a tedious process with many hurdles, yoru website being only one of these hurdles. It can be a discouraging process, but once approved, the benefits of the free advertising can help you reach your marketing goals in magnitudes. If you are looking for someone to shoulder the weight of the application process for you, our team of Google Ads specialists are trained and excited to help your jump these hurdles so that you can achieve free advertising and push forward in your organization’s mission.

Want someone to make sure your Ad Grant application and website are compliant with all the rules? Contact us today for a free informational call to learn more about Google Ad Grants.

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