How to Greatly Increase Newsletter Sign-Up Rates

Over the years, we have had countless non-profits express that one of their main goals is to increase their number of newsletter recipients. They have found newsletters to be an efficient method to share their story and mission with potential donors over a period of time, and this often drives many of these recipients to get involved in the mission through donations. However, many organizations struggle to encourage these potential donors to sign up for the newsletter in the first place. Here’s what we advise!

When tracking newsletter sign-ups for non-profits, we have often found that when the landing page for a newsletter sign up is not properly developed, many people will view the page without completing the sign-up form. After working with countless non-profits over the years, we have found that taking the following simple steps to craft a newsletter sign-up landing page will not only drastically increase the number of visitors who sign-up to receive the regular newsletters, but also help your page to appear in more relevant Google searches.

1. Create a Dedicated Newsletter Subscription Page

Many companies and organizations try to take a short-cut by adding the newsletter form to the home page, to a header/footer, or to another page that is really for some other purpose. While this may save a couple hours of work, it will likely have a negative impact of the actual sign-ups that you receive. If achieving more newsletter sign-ups is a main goal for your organization, you should treat it as such, dedicating a whole page to this one task and eliminating all other distractions and calls to action.

In addition, from an advertising standpoint, you can better guide people to this page directly from an ad, rather than expecting them to search through your entire website for the sign-up form.

2. Explain the Value of Subscribing

The content of this landing page is another essential aspect to dedicate time and thought toward if you hope to gain a beneficial return. When people land on this page, they want to know “why”? Why should they take the time to fill out this form? Why should they sign up at all? Why would they want to receive more emails than they already receive in their busy life?

This page is your chance to give them that why. It is your chance to tell subscribers what benefit your newsletter will bring to their life in term of your organization’s mission.

3. Set Expectations

When encouraging people to sign-up for your newsletter, it is also wise to provide them more information about what to expect. Use your landing page to explain how often you send these newsletters out and what information you typically cover in your newsletter, be that advice, updates, upcoming events, etc. Many are more willing to sign-up if they have a clear idea of what they are signing up for. Also, if it true: tell them that you will not share their contact info with third parties.

4. Track Where the Traffic is Coming From

In order to ensure that you are placing your marketing efforts in the right areas, it is a good idea to set up conversion tracking via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on your website. These track where your traffic is coming from and estimate your audience’s demographics, geographics, and other information that can be useful for fine-tuning your marketing messages. Moreover, these technologies can help you track how many people land on this page, how many sign-up for the newsletter, and how they got there, be that from Google Ads, social media, or an organic search. Knowing where the bulk of your conversions come from is helpful when planning future marketing campaigns to generate more sign-ups.

5. Add More Keywords

When considering content, it is important to also consider search engines. What searches might this sign-up page be relevant in? Where do you wish to appear? These are your keywords, and they should exist somewhere inside the content. This can drastically increase your reach through both organic search and paid ads.


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