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Reach Niche Audiences


Your nonprofit has created an informative blog to keep your members and supporters up to date on all pertinent information.

Your blog keeps your supporters excited about the progress your nonprofit is making, however, your blog is not being utilized as an effective marketing tool to bring new supporters in.

How we can help

  • Your blogs will serve as the first point of contact for new supporters, giving them an accurate depiction of what your organization hopes and has achieved. Over time, new supporters become lifelong followers of your mission. Equipping these supporters with information from your blogs makes them knowledgeable mission ambassadors, spreading your story beyond the ad itself.
  • Our ads are tailored to achieve the best diction and phrasing, targeted towards your most likely donors, subscribers, and supporters, and easy to track and evaluate your success with conversions.
  • We have a base of hundreds of ad templates specifically created to promote blogs. We can adapt them with your message and cause for the best possible ads.
  • Google Ads is set up to identify appropriate target audiences for your campaigns, giving you the best chance of finding your next loyal supporter. Our ad team are experts in Google Ads and we want to see you succeed.
  • Our ad writers will adapt thousands of ads written before, and generate new ones, to identify the best possible ads for your blog.
  • Performance tracking is easy with Google Ads, and we will be able to see what is working and what isn’t immediately.

Use your blog to publicize your great cause!