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Many nonprofits rely on their community members and volunteers to support them in achieving their mission.

Your nonprofit needs to attract more volunteers, but your current marketing isn’t bringing in the people you need.

How we can help

Our platform’s targeted ads allow for maximum and repeated publicity to the volunteers you need.

  • With our sophisticated Ad Grants system, we put together carefully targeted ads to help your organization get the volunteers you need. Whether it’s individuals, groups, or specialized volunteers, we’re here to help you.
  • We use the purpose and mission of your organization together with the knowledge of your audience to craft engaging ads. Without purpose, ads can often confuse potential volunteers with mixed messages.
  • We craft ads that demonstrate understanding of the needs, motivations, and barriers that real people – your current and prospective volunteers – experience.
  • Promoter Motor is programmed to help you save time and effort by generating fresh ad templates that will help your organization remain relevant in volunteers’ minds. You’ll gain dedicated volunteers and regain the time needed for your clients.