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Join Our Innovative Team
Embark on a thrilling journey with PromoterMotor, where we’re dedicated to creating and marketing cutting-edge software. Our teams present a rare and exciting chance to be part of our dynamic technology
company’s early success.

The Promise of Early Success
We give you the ability to explore a variety of skills and positions, tailoring your experience to fit your unique strengths. With numerous options available, you have the freedom to choose your own path and define your success within our work environment.

Ambition Fuels Success
PromterMotor gives you the skills needed for long-term success. Join us, contribute to innovative software, and play a pivotal role in shaping the early success of our company.

PromoterMotor gives you a new way to learn

What we’re looking for

Points of inspiration

Why remote work
Remote work offers unparalleled flexibility
and autonomy, allowing you to tailor your
work environment to maximize productivity.
With the elimination of commuting, you gain
precious time, leading to improved work-life
balance and heightened job satisfaction.

Building tomorrow’s workspace
Join us in shaping the new normal of virtual
work as we draw inspiration from visionary
companies like Automattic and GitLab. Learn
how we’re pioneering the virtual workspace,
revolutionizing the traditional work model for
a more innovative and effective approach.

Transforming non-profit dynamics
Our innovative strategies in advertising,
customer education, and maximizing
return-on-investment present a potent
response to Dan Pallotta’s vision, emphasizing
scalability and risk-taking.

Inclusive nonprofit support

PromoterMotor requires compliance with Google’s non-discrimination policies; Employees, interns, and consultants are expected to be non-discriminatory.


PromoterMotor prioritizes safe and inclusive space for everyone no matter where you’re from, how you identify, or who you love. We value diversity, creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone worldwide. If you share these values and have the skills, enthusiasm, and passion for nonprofit support and countering misinformation, you belong with us!

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“My experience at PromoterMotor provided me valuable opportunities for growth. I gained many skills as an intern and later the Human Resources Supervisor, through hands-on work like writing internship and job descriptions, screening applications and resumes, interviewing intern and contractor candidates, onboarding, and more. I was even able to get involved with another area of the business, as an appointment setter. Being part of the prospect outreach process from initial search, communicating with prospects, to appointment scheduling, I was able to sharpen my writing skills and learn more about sales strategies. Throughout this experience, I enjoyed the supportive company culture, networking with peers, and I greatly appreciated Ben Ashpole’s mentorship. I definitely recommend PromoterMotor and its opportunities to anyone seeking to gain skills through hands-on experience.”

“My collaboration with Eshwin, my supervisor at PromoterMotor, has been excellent. He had a good sense of when I needed guidance, and he always supported me appropriately, so I always felt comfortable expressing my honest opinions. Moreover, he kept me updated on new technical projects, giving me the chance to contribute my ideas. By sharing these things with me, I became much more familiar with our mission and also understood how to contribute to it better. PromoterMotor significantly supported my learning and growth by giving me the freedom to develop my own ideas and then give me specific feedback on how to improve. By working with different departments I also learned a lot about the functions of the whole company. I found it very beneficial to receive weekly feedback and learn how to take a lot of negative feedback as well. While working on my projects I’ve also seen substantial growth in my attention to detail skills.”

Digital Design Department Internships

“I came into Bashpole Software looking for an opportunity to apply my skills in a professional environment. I was able to accomplish just this and even more. I was welcomed into a company full of kind and caring interns and supervisors. I felt like a valuable member of the team and was able to expand my design skills while networking with interns from all around the world. I appreciated how there was a form of direct communication with my supervisor. I was able to readily receive helpful suggestions on my work and advice for my future career. I definitely learned a lot as an intern and know that in the future, I will apply the skills I learned through my projects at Bashpole.”

“This being my first internship experience, Bashpole software exceeded my expectations in working in a real world environment. With all the provided resources and the company culture, Bashpole made a large impact on my skills and abilities as well as my personal character growth. Compared to other internship experiences I’ve heard, the interns there were assigned “busy” work with little to no guidance from mentors. Here, interns get extensive training with direct mentorship and everything we do are major contributions to the company. Personally, I was able to strengthen and acquire a plethora of transferable skills that will undoubtedly be beneficial to the rest of my professional life. Overall, I am thankful to have been a part of Bashpole and look forward to my future opportunities with this company still in mind.”

“It’s a company that values everyone’s voice and collaboration. We came up with new, innovative ideas to solve problems. Interns learned how to network and collaborate with people from different backgrounds in a professional way. I learned to be a team player, problem-solving, and project management skills.”

Software Engineering Internships

PromoterMotor provides you with all the tools you need to succeed during your internship. During my time with this company the best part was being able to collaborate with all the other interns along with working with the CEO Ben Ashpole directly. Ben would always provide examples and Ideas when working on our projects, he did so without giving you the complete answer. This was crucial to my development because sometimes being given the answers is not the best way of learning. Being able to do critical thinking and research developed my way of thinking and how I tackled my projects. Whenever I would stumble or find myself on a roadblock being able to lean on my team or even Ben on a fresh way of viewing my project guided me in the right direction to accomplish my tasks.”

Technical Writing Internships

“I am incredibly grateful that I got to intern at PromoterMotor. The company culture places a large emphasis on collaboration and helping one another out. I was able to learn so much from both my peers as well as my supervisor, Ben, who took great liberty to provide me with a wealth of knowledge and insight that I know I will be able to use in my endeavors within my future career. I was able to take on so many fun, interesting, and captivating projects that allowed me to utilize the things I had learned, from applying for and securing grants for local nonprofits to make positive change for the broader community to being able to brainstorm and conceptualize new and innovative ways we can help nonprofits. During my time here, I made professional accomplishments that motivated me to excel further in my craft and truly made me feel proud in what I was doing. I would recommend an internship with Bashpole Software for nearly anyone, but especially students who are looking to gain invaluable experience while in school.”

How our internships work

Acceptable work

PromoterMotor values flexibility, allowing interns to distribute work hours based on individual needs and preferences, supporting diverse productivity patterns.

Flexible internship

Internships at PromoterMotor can align with summer, fall/winter, or winter/spring, following your college’s academic calendar.

Duration guidelines

Full-time internships typically last 3 months, while part-time commitments extend for 6 months, offering comprehensive experiences.

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