Our Values


We care about your cause and strive to provide services to make tasks easier.


We expand the reach of good causes to their audience around the world.


We help nonprofits help the world make positive change for itself. We will help all nonprofits, even those that don’t become our customers, by providing useful information.


We’re always here to help. Contact us at any time.

Our values align with our goal of creating a supportive, motivated, and collaborative environment for all levels of employment that isn’t based upon strict workplace hierarchies. They guide us on how to collaborate with nonprofits and with team members.

“My experiences at Bashpole were indispensable in teaching me how to solve real problems that real businesses face. I received the opportunity to expand my tech skill set while also receiving input on managing my time, prioritizing tasks, and coordinating my work with others. I would certainly recommend this position to anyone who wants to work remotely while still enjoying a sense of camaraderie with co-workers. If you are interested in marketing or the tech world, this is a great place to grow as a professional.”

Christopher Carbonaro, Intern, 2019