Showcase Your Events from a Local Level to a National Level





Nonprofits don’t have the time or human resources to dedicate to advertising their events.

How we can help

We employ certified Google Ads Specialists who are experienced with Google Analytics and understand the process of maintaining and writing the ads. By having a variety of ads, it increases the number of clicks so Google will display your Ads frequently, thus promoting your events.

  • Promote recurring ads through uniquely designed Google Advertisements for new and previous attendees.
  • Engage new and previous attendees with updates on ongoing events and future opportunities.
  • Our ads are carefully designed to generate the most optimism and interest in your events. Google wants to have the highest quality experience for people searching on Google, so they only show the ads that people are most likely to click. Thus, we have written a large number of ads to have the ones that got most clicks staying on Google.
  • Through Google Ads, you can let your audience know your missions and how your nonprofit helps specific communities in need through your impactful events.