Social Return On Investment

After interviewing over 300 nonprofit leaders, we observed that the vast majority sought a more numbers-based methodology for creating and refining their marketing strategy. With more accurately informed decisions, an organization can build upon proven strategies of success.

While Return On Investment (ROI) and Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculators exist for nonprofits, they aren’t designed in detail to capture every angle of the potential impact to a community and organization. Nor do they adequately explain how the calculation process works. Therefore, Bashpole Software, Inc. has created a much-improved SROI spreadsheet and a method for nonprofits to create marketing strategies with greater impact for the same budget investment.

With Bashpole’s prototype ROI spreadsheet, we’re able to give nonprofit staff the tools they need to understand their ROI from a vast majority of factors important to a nonprofit. Rather than the ROI measurement based purely on the revenue of an organization, which would be adequate for a for-profit business, our spreadsheet provides a way to quantify the more tricky aspects of calculating success.

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