We Are Here to Make Things Easier During COVID-19

Despite all the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, our services can still get you where you want to be.


Nonprofits are not able to hold in-person fundraising events during the pandemic which has severely restricted their ability to fundraise as effectively as usual.

The staff and volunteers at your nonprofit may not have the technical skills to use digital platforms to the best of their capacity, or their target audience is overwhelmed by the technology needed to work remotely.

It has been difficult to reach out to audiences who may not have sufficient bandwidth or access to a laptop or smartphone, so even shifting to hosting programming events on web meeting platforms will not reach everyone.

How we can help

The good news is with more people spending the majority of their time online, your Google Ads are more likely to be seen.

  • We will do what it takes to get your nonprofit to the top of Google search results. Our ad writers are experienced and Google ad certified. Our platform utilizes the Google Ad Grant to publish Google Ads.
  • We will use Google Ads to promote your event in order to produce a larger turnout when your nonprofit is transforming your in-person events to online events, such as web meetings, virtual roundtables, etc.
  • We will help your nonprofit adapt to the technology, so that as people transition to online platforms, you keep a strong online presence.
  • Our ad specialists will write ads that generate excitement for your online events – before and after.

Holding virtual events can still be impactful. After you plan your event, we’re here to help you overcome obstacles created or worsened by the pandemic so you can continue to accomplish your goals.