We Know Non-Profits

PromoterMotor works exclusively with Non-profits to amplify your message and grow your mission.

We automate the heavy lifting of your digital marketing, such as tracking  and reporting your social impact and return on investment for your constituents, supporters, donors and board.

Our difference combines marketing strategy expertise, analytic reporting and a focus on educating you and your stakeholders.

Increase Donations

Tell Your Story. Target Ads. More Donations.

PromoterMotor creates targeted and engaging content, tailored to your organization.

You'll engage your ideal audience of advocates to take action: donate, subscribe to your newsletter, follow your platforms and participate in effecting change alongside your organization.


Grow Communities

Increase Engagement. Cultivate Relationships. Make an Impact.

PromoterMotor allows you to see what works and track conversions from viewers, donors, and allies.

You can use these metrics to cultivate successful outreach and continue to grow and adapt with your community’s active base for donations, events, campaigns, social media and promotions.


Build Awareness

Improve Visibility. Strengthen Branding. Expand Your Reach.

PromoterMotor amplifies your message using Google Ad Grants, providing massive outreach.

Our certified writers handle the registration process, ad campaigns, ad groups and keyword development. Our analytics expertise capitalizes your successes, clearing a path to untapped advocates willing to help.


Support Your Mission

Raise Cause Awareness. Inspire Change. Reach Fundraising Goals.

PromoterMotor makes it fast and easy to take advantage of Google Ad Grants, saving your team 20 to 30 hours a week or more. We take care of the lengthy, complicated process behind the scenes and track the success of your mission while still fitting your needs.

Let your organization focus on what really matters: your message, your mission.


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