About PromoterMotor

PromoterMotor grew out of a research and development pilot study by Bashpole Software, Inc. that merged facial-recognition and tip line technology to help counter human trafficking . Working with a team of non-profit organizations, Bashpole arranged Google Ad Grants and marketing services to help launch coordinated advertising campaigns promoting this tip line around the United States.

The project was very successful. It led to 42 state and local investigations and 7 FBI investigations; helping rescue children in the United States from human traffickers.

We realized there is a huge potential for what Google Ad Grants can do for non-profits.  However, most non-profits need a simpler and easier way to apply for and maintain a Google Ad Grants program. So, we designed software to maximize Social Return on Investment (ROI) and Mission Impact (MI). 

The result is PromoterMotor, a scalable, nearly automated, high-quality advertising process, managing all aspects of Ad Grant-related services for a wide variety of non-profit missions, goals, and organization sizes.

Benjamin Ashpole - Profile Picture.png

Ben Ashpole

Founder and CEO
Bashpole Software, Inc. /dba/ PromoterMotor.com

Ben is a data expert and serial entrepreneur with a Master's of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania with expertise in:

  • Intellectual property.  Holds two patents in designed consumer goods.
  • Semantic Integration.  Published author of peer reviewed papers.
  • Data Alignment.  Organized three internationally attended conferences on this subject.
  • Software Development.  Created frameworks for data aggregation, integration, and mining funded for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and state agencies.

See also bashpolesoftware.com