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Our Team

We are an online advertising agency that manages all aspects of Ad Grant-related services for a broad range of organizations. We have a diverse, well educated, and highly trained team.

Our Process

Our scalable, partially automated, and high-quality advertising process yields the most public attention, donations, and interactions. We have processes for maximizing ROI and MI.

Our Operation

We operate like a traditional advertising agency, and we are developing automation to reduce mundane tasks. Our processes mix software and human ingenuity.

How PromoterMotor came to be

How we started

Originally, PromoterMotor grew out of a research and development pilot study by Bashpole Software, Inc. from over 8 years ago, that merged facial recognition and tip line technology to help counter human trafficking. Now, we serve non-profits and for-impact for-profits of all types. Working with a team of non-profit organizations, we arrange Google Ad Grants and marketing services to help launch coordinated advertising campaigns.

What inspired us

The project above resulted in 42 state and local investigations and seven FBI investigations, leading to the rescue of numerous children from human traffickers. This inspired us to begin serving as many good causes as we can through better marketing services.

Where we are today

Recognizing the vast potential for better advertising for good causes in general, we simplified the process to apply for and manage Google Ad Grants programs, social media writing, webpage writing, and more for organizations with a wide variety of missions, geographic locations, target audiences, technologies, and marketing objectives.

Our approach

Welcome to the heart of our creative hub, where innovative work comes to life, making a positive impact globally.

Core tools utilization

Streamlined third-party integration

Collective project management 

Results driven optimization

Holistic website enhancement 

We’re at the top of the search results for the phrases that matter to our mission. PromoterMotor is helping us grow.

Susan Crooks, Founder and Board Chair

Meet the team

At PromotorMotor, we are proud of our team of professionally trained writers, programmers, and other specialized professionals, who collectively possess over 100 years of experience in their respective fields.

Founder and CEO
Bashpole Software, Inc. /dba/ PromoterMotor.com

Ben is an accomplished marketing and Google Ad Grant professional, with over seven years of experience in the field. He specializes in helping nonprofit clients effectively manage their Google Ad Grants, leveraging his expertise to maximize the lifetime value of their advertising efforts. Ben’s unique strength lies in his systems thinking approach, which ensures that his clients’ advertising campaigns are disciplined, focused on measurable improvements, and deliver predictable results.

He is deeply committed to the success of projects that utilize government grants to combat human trafficking and has consistently delivered impressive results, with his team spending over 90% of their clients’ monthly $10,000 grant during that time. Ben is skilled in expanding his client base and building and maintaining strong relationships with existing clients. He is a data expert and a serial entrepreneur, with a Master of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. Ben’s impressive skill set and experience make him a valuable asset to any advertising agency looking to drive results for their clients.

Ben is also highly skilled in web services, social media management, and newsletter creation. He understands the importance of having a strong online presence and has helped numerous nonprofits establish and maintain a professional and effective website. He has helped nonprofits build strong, engaged communities across various platforms and understands the importance of developing a systematic approach to creating and distributing newsletters that deliver value and drive engagement.

Iowa State U. (BA Business Admin, Marketing)

Passionate about making a positive impact, Ken  is a dedicated advocate for the non-profit sector. Fueled by a belief in the power of addressing complex challenges, he strives to contribute to creating a more equitable and inclusive environment. With a strong commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world, He brings enthusiasm and dedication to every endeavor in the pursuit of positive change.

Software Engineering Supervisor
Indiana University (BS in Computer Science)

After gaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indiana University, Iggy has a strong passion for technology and has built ad-generation software from the ground up. Beyond his tech world, he is an enthusiastic reader, immersing himself in historical and science fiction literature. Although a former athlete in basketball and running, Iggy humorously notes that an “arrow to the knee” shifted his focus. His excellent skill set includes proficiency in Java, JSP, Java-related libraries, and SQL, along with experience in DevOps, Python, PHP, Perl, and Linux. Iggy’s expertise in ad generation software and technical support makes him a valuable asset to the team

Business Supervisor
Purdue University (General Management) & Indiana University (Accounting)

With degrees in General Management from Purdue University and Accounting from Indiana University, Paul currently holds the position of supervisor in the company’s Business Department. Paul once even had an impressive cycling journey across Canada in his early years. Additionally, he dedicates his time to volunteering, with recent involvement in preparing meals for 65 individuals at a local Cold Weather Shelter. Paul is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, making an annual pilgrimage to Wrigley Field with his sons and staying at the Wrigley Hostel. His loyal companion, Lilly, the dog, even accompanies him on many airplane journeys.

Marketing Supervisor and Ad Grant Services
University of California, San Diego (World Literature, Media Focus)

Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, majoring in World Literature and specializing in media studies. She has over two years of experience as a writing tutor and publishing assistant and has ventured into a variety of professional industries such as law and marketing. Currently, she is the supervisor of the marketing department of PromoterMotor. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies, go hiking, and read books.

Google Ads Writer
Clark University (BA in European History & MS in Communications)

With a background in European History and Communications from Clark University, Cole Norman has spent the last 5 years studying writing and communications at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has experience in technical writing, proofreading, and persuasive writing, bringing him to where he is today. Cole is passionate about cycling, music, theater, and Dungeons & Dragons. He recently embarked on a bike journey to Milbury, MA, always seeking new adventures.

Ad Grant Services Specialist
University of Illinois at Chicago (Master’s Degree in Applied Economics)

Eshwin holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and specializes in the fields of Consumer Spending Behavior and Education. With expertise in research design and proficiency in statistical software such as Excel, Stata, and R,  Eshwin has developed exceptional writing skills and an analytical mindset. Eshwin is not only a skillful team player but also a proactive problem solver, always eager to acquire new skills. Beyond the academic world, he enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, from gaming and anime to playing the guitar and excelling at minigolf.

Purdue University Fort Wayne (MS in Science & MS Secondary Education) 
St. France College (BA of Arts & BA in Spanish and English)

Nance is a passionate advocate for the non-profit sector, motivated by a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. She firmly believes that addressing the complex challenges of our time can lead to a more equitable and inclusive society. With a dedication to creating positive change, Nance actively supports non-profit initiatives, contributing to the vision of a better and more just world.

We’re here to make a difference

Empowering Causes

Our team is here to serve the good causes that serve the world. That’s how we make our difference.

Training + Experience

We bring a strong background of formal training + years of hands-on experience with marketing and technology for for-impact organizations.

Thrive Together

Joining PromoterMotor means working on unique projects with impact-driven organizations, creating marketing solutions for tangible results. Witness the rewarding success of our clients.

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