Natural Language Processing Applied Research Scientist

This is a Full-time or Part-time Remote / Work from Home Position.
Applicants within a 1-hour travel radius of Washington, D.C. are preferred but not required.

Bashpole Software, Inc. has been in business since 2006 to perform a mix of consulting services and self-owned product development projects. Bashpole has been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Initiative (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) for projects such as developing software to fight human trafficking and projects to improve efficiency in the government’s use of big data. This has also led to spin-off technologies such as for serving nonprofits (for many causes) with advertising automation, data cleaning, and working with for-profit sponsors. For more information, visit

Presently, Bashpole is in the process of licensing its portfolio of past projects for usage by various US government entities and building up its new advertising automation for nonprofits software. To further support the latter, Bashpole is applying for additional R&D funding, particularly for work to do with Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well as Machine Learning (ML) in general.

Bashpole seeks NLP specialists to collaboratively write funding proposals. Our general aim will be to apply cutting edge “lab tested” techniques and algorithms to real world problems. Often, this will take the form of novel combinations and applications of recently released academic research. Generally, we plan to respond to federal R&D solicitations.

A good partner and potential future employee will not only have experience in NLP but also have a strong interest in the nonprofit world, a desire to support social causes, and a goal to do good in the world.

To Apply

Email with your resume, and let us know what causes speak to you.