Online marketing requires expertise, time, and ongoing training that Promoter Motor can handle more efficiently and effectively than Non-Profits could manage on their own.
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Grow Your Nonprofit in Five Steps
Choose the Action Audience Landing Pages:

get a first-step email from a dedicated writer

2. Intake 
Schedule 1-hour intake Meeting:

refine AALPS, enable access, and pay the first monthly invoice

3. Visitors
Within one month Get New Visitors:

if/a: allow 2 weeks for application/reactivation/re-access; money-back guaranteed


4. Learning
Progress & Strategy Monthly Meetings:

Google algorithm fully uses Ad Grant in 4 to 6 months.

5. ROI & MI
In about 1 year get a Case Study:

 adjust AALPS upon request; no contract

Training and “Done for You” Services

Here at PromotorMotor, we provide innovative marketing solutions that will help elevate your non-profit organization. Our "Action by Audience via Landing Page" strategy generates measurable results by driving the audience towards the desired action. This framework has transformed the marketing strategies of many of our clients, who have refined their entire operating approach after engaging in in-depth conversations with us around AALPs.

Every change to an AALP represents a valuable opportunity to reach new audiences and expand your impact. This means that ads and supporting activities must be tailored accordingly to ensure the intended outcomes. Each new AALP will be a greater level of service from us, and more results for you.

A landing page is any page on your website that encourages your audience to take action. We use persuasive language to emphasize the unique value that your mission provides and create a sense of urgency that motivates your target audience to get to the landing page and take the desired action. 

We measure and report the value of our advertising work in a monthly meeting with you. The value is conveyed in terms of Return On Investment (ROI), Mission Impact (MI), and strategic advice for improvements.

Bottom Line: Together, we will reach the people who share your cause. We make your marketing plan function. For bigger efforts requiring more coverage or different messages, we can configure and support as many goals as required.


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