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Grow Your Nonprofit in Four Steps


Kick Off
At initial meeting, we'll discuss:

  • Execution
  • Timelines
  • Expectations
  • Results


With goals established, we will:

  • Apply for GoogleAd Grant
  • Conduct Keyword Search
  • Draft Ad Copy
  • Establish ROI Baseline


Once approved, we will:

  • Configure Software
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Run A/B Message Tests
  • Automate Reporting to Google


Improve donor relationships by:

  • Automate Marketing 
  • Continual, Dynamic Analytics
  • Social Impact Reporting
  • Progress tracking to share with your board and supporters

A “Done for You” Service with one monthly subscription price

Our pricing is calculated by the number of landing pages. Landing pages can be almost any type—it depends on how you want to engage with a specific donor segment.

The number of landing pages depends on your strategy and budget. For nonprofits with clearly segmented donor bases, we can create Google Ads-linked to each segment. Other nonprofits may want to target a single donor community in multiple ways. For many small local nonprofits, a Google-linked home page is best.

We are very flexible. You can drive Google Ads to any page, such as your home page, your online newsletter, a key event or a donation drive page.

Bottom Line: Together we create specific ads aimed at likely donors. The goal is to deliver a relevant offer to visit your landing page that is part of your marketing plan. For bigger efforts requiring more coverage or different messages, we can configure and support as many landing pages as required.