Independent Contractor for Google Ads Writing, Services, and Support for Nonprofit Clients

Are you a Google Ads writer looking for a more meaningful career with flexible hours and fully remote work? How about a career that helps non-profits grow and do good work around the country and the world?

  • Remote from anywhere in the USA / work from home
  • Full-time equivalent or part-time position (see below for details)
  • Hourly starting wage of $25-$30
  • Company with a close-knit, diverse team of about 20 people from across the country
  • US Based Applicants Only
  • See ‘Who we Seek’ and 'Requirements' about desired skills and experience below

Who We Seek: We seek someone who has 1-3 years of work experience with Google Ads, passion to serve the nonprofit sector, comfort with spreadsheets, excellent attention to detail, and eagerness to learn new things — especially our proprietary system for how to write ads and manage clients., a division of Bashpole Software, Inc. seeks hands-on ad-writers as account managers to take in new customers, set up their accounts, write ad campaigns, improve ads over time, prepare reports, hold monthly meetings to speak with clients, hold occasional meetings to renew existing clients’ contracts, provide customer support, and manage interns that participate in our marketing services and company activities. By analogy, think about the roles that rhyme and rhythm can play in poetry: if you are both nuanced with language and enjoy the way that structure can help creativity flourish, then this position might be excellent for you. Your responsibilities will grow in importance as our software relieves mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on the strategic and creative thinking that only humans can do. 


  • Write advertisements and manage accounts via Google Ads on the behalf of nonprofit clients 
  • Keeping track of key aspects of client accounts and preferences via provided spreadsheets.
  • Working heavily with spreadsheets for ad templates, account data, reports, case studies, progress tracking, and more
  • Attend and lead monthly meetings with clients for the management of their organization’s Google Ad Grant account 
  • Use a wide variety of Google products, including but limited to Google Ads, Tag Manager, Analytics, Marketing Platform, Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Meet.
  • Use our PromoterMotor software and improve its data.
  • Help to make sure the software is operating correctly, and make suggestions about how we can improve the software’s design

Regarding hourly wage, the starting point will be $25 to $30 per hour, with plans to offer increases based on annual reviews up to a maximum of around $35/hour for this position. 

*Note: We are currently interviewing applicants to join the team on an “as-needed” basis and have the opportunity to eventually grow into a full-time role. Our client base is growing, so we want our team of Ad writers to expand as well. At this time our aim is to go through the interview process now and stay in touch with qualified candidates who could continue to the position as advertised later this year.

For a part-time role, the time commitment for this position will start at around 12 to 24 hours per month, with additional hours becoming available as we gain clients. Full-time equivalent hours will be dependent on when we gain sufficiently many clients. Recently, we've been gaining new clients weekly. Our aim is to start on a part-time basis, grow into the full hours available (a maximum of about 172 hours a month or 40 hours a week), and continue to work together for years to come. Discuss this with us during an interview.


  • See our Careers Page regarding ‘why us’, inspiration, and equality
  • Paid Time Off
  • Remote from anywhere in the USA / work from home
  • Telecommuting and flextime options that allow you to work within or beyond a typical 9-5 (EST) work day
  • Full-time equivalent or part-time position (see details) 
  • All members of the Bashpole team are eligible to participate in our bonus program to be disclosed during their time with us
  • Encouraging and self-directed work environment that values your voice to be heard
  • Company with a close-knit, diverse team of about 20 people from across the country
  • Networking and virtual social opportunities with Bashpole’s team members 
  • Hired as an Independent Contractor, meaning that you will have full control over your paycheck without any deductions and the ability to work multiple jobs that are not in competition with your work at Bashpole
  • Career advancement opportunities at a small company that grows “to the side and underneath of you”, with multiple levels of promotion to grow into and strive for
  • Leadership and fulfilling mentorship opportunities to direct and supervise interns within your department
  • Professional development; receiving personalized, constructive feedback from the CEO of Bashpole, as well as having access to an exclusive “Rule of Thumb (RoT)” book that teaches graduates and new hires the secrets of succeeding in the professional world
  • Support for occasional in-person meetings with coworkers and clients
  • Ability to take your work anywhere with an internet connection to improve quality of life and spark creativity (the beach, the park, a coffee shop, coworking spaces, etc.)
  • Ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place by serving the nonprofit sector and maximizing the impact of a good cause


  • US Based Applicants Only
  • 1-3 years of experience with creative writing for Google Ads on behalf of mission and purpose-driven organizations 
  • Knowledge of SEM in general and how to optimize campaigns settings, keyword strategies, etc. to maximize conversions
  • Experience with spreadsheets (Google Sheets) and comfortable using them extensively 
  • Proven success with utilizing ads for fundraising, event promotions, or other campaign types that nonprofits commonly seek
  • Understanding of ROI and how to estimate it
  • Have a home office environment conducive to productivity and experience working in a virtual office, including but not limited to a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a headset for conference calls, and a decent computer
  • Ability and unwavering willingness to serve all constituencies without bias (including, without limitation, bias based on race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin)

Preferred That You Already Know or are Willing to Learn:

  • Experience with Google Tag Manager, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Analytics
  • Experience writing and managing ads for the Google Ad Grants program
  • Ability to read and make basic edits to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; advanced programming skills are not necessary
  • Background in sales or customer support

About, a Division of Bashpole Software, Inc. 

Bashpole is building unique and advantageous processes for enabling humans to collaborate with algorithms in order to benefit a wide variety of great nonprofit causes. This first-of-its-kind software, called, assists in ad writing and maintenance tasks.

Our customers are non-profits who are raising awareness about their causes by generating event sign-ups, asking for donations, inviting people to join newsletters, promoting events, recruiting volunteers, promoting fundraisers, and more. Our clients depend on us to report their results by way of thorough conversion tracking. You will learn, utilize, and contribute to our system for interpreting conversion values as Return On Investment and Mission Impact. We’re committed to enabling our employees to enhance their own productivity, so each person both uses and makes improvements to the various scripts, templates, and training we’ve developed for most aspects of our work. Your responsibilities will grow and change with the needs of the company; this will be a position with a wide range of activities.

Company Culture: We are a small yet quickly growing company (a team of about 20 people) who work remotely and stay connected with scheduled online meetings. For example, we have a Consultant Meeting once a week, guide interns in a weekly meeting, meet with each client once a month, and collaborate between internal departments as needed. Our team is diverse in every sense, and we encourage getting to know one another. There are no travel requirements, though in the future, we’ll offer travel options. Payroll is run monthly. As a company, we are both expanding and deepening our services. There will be opportunities for career growth, change, and/or specialization as we expand our staff. We can offer raises as we gain clients, and recently, we have been gaining clients at an accelerating pace. We offer Paid Time Off (PTO) that does not require medical reasons, and we allow flex-time between adjacent weeks. We thrive on feedback and always take suggestions seriously. We are proud to be continuously improving.

This is a 1099 position. Persons paid on a 1099 basis are independent contractors and are self-employed. Independent contractors are required to pay all self-employment taxes (Social Security & Medicare) as well as income tax. If you need further help to understand the implications of 1099 employment, please contact a career center or local accountant.

To Apply

Write to with your resume and your responses to the following questions:

  1. How much experience do you have with Google Ads? (Ideally 1-3 years)
  2. What certifications do you have from Google, and what (if any) other certifications do you have for marketing?
  3. What experience (if any) do you have working for, volunteering for, or communicating with nonprofit leaders?
  4. If anything were possible, what would you want for your dream job? I.e., what are your intrinsic interests?
  5. If we offer you an interview, then would you show examples of ads that you wrote, have been seen by the public, and are therefore not confidential?
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