Career and Consulting Opportunities at PromoterMotor by Bashpole Software, Inc.

Join an exciting team committed to creating and marketing bold new software! This is a rare and exciting opportunity to join a dynamic technology company and be a part of the company’s early success. Your drive and desire to succeed is just what Bashpole Software is looking for.

Why Bashpole?

As a growing company, Bashpole takes pride in being attentive to its interns and employees. Benjamin Ashpole, the CEO, works directly with all interns to ensure every person’s voice is heard. The company also holds frequent “Rule of Thumb” meetings to encourage growth, teamwork, and camaraderie among all interns. At the very heart of Bashpole Software lies compassion; the company hopes to foster that in everything it does.

Personalities That Work Well Here

Bashpole Software seeks individuals who are interested in making the world a better place through the use and production of technology. Ideal candidates are self-disciplined and skillfully maintain a balance of independence and collaboration in order to work at their own pace and get the job done.