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Leveraging lifetime engagement

At PromoterMotor, we optimize “support engagement,
tracking Lifetime Value, Mission Impact, and ROI,
reported monthly.”

Mission impact

We know that nonprofits are driven by their mission and improving society as a whole. Mission Impact (MI) all begins with spreading awareness about your mission, then generating interest, facilitating engagement and keeping your audience committed to your cause. We measure Mission Impact on an individual level, between close circles of people, in communities, and eventually to all of society.

Return on investment

Advertising is an investment in growth. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s gaining newsletter subscribers, attracting new donors, or gaining new volunteers, we want to help facilitate that growth and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) in various ways. ROI is often used to determine profitability of investments, a higher return means more profit and better overall performance.

Lifetime value

Through analyzing Return on Investment and the growth of your Mission Impact we can create reports and calculate the annual and Lifetime Value of your supporters. We want your supporters to remain loyal to you for some time to come. We adjust these reports for every client so that you can explain to board members and even external supporters such as foundations, government, and individuals. We provide you the data to project and justify what you are doing to get you the funds you need.

Your supporter journey process

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