From Supporters to Donors

PromoterMotor reaches more potential donors.
You get more predicatble and measureable results.


Our approach targets the Lifetime Value of your donors or volunteers because you want partners who are also donors. We create specific “funnels” for each type of partner with targeted messages to find the ideal donors for your nonprofit. Knowing the Lifetime Value of each partner/donor provides better forecasting and more predictable planning.


Your Donor Journey Process



We apply relevant and most searched keywords to your organization's ads. We monitor performance and edit keywords to ensure maximum success with Search Enging Optimization (SEO).



To pinpoint what language leads to engaging your supporter base, we write variants of each ad. Message variety guarantees that you are using the most engaging marketing language.



We apply conversion tracking to your website, allowing so you can view the results of each piece of marketing.  No need to guess what is important to your audience.



With interested parties who submitted contact forms on your website, you connect and grow your community. Keep them posted on your cause, its needs, its wins, and opportunities to get involved.


The Ask: Donations

A well planned approach invites your community to your site and volunteer, donate, or spread the word. People want to help - ask them to be involved or invest in your cause.